Patterson Intellectual Property Law



We’ve reinvented the way an intellectual property law firm should work. We invest in the brightest minds and the most current technology to create an environment that provides the best overall service and value for your legal dollar.

With Patterson Intellectual Property Law, you get large-scale service at local prices. We invest in the latest technology and innovation to increase output and control client costs. We respond promptly to inquiries, and provide timely and efficient turnaround, no matter the complexity of your project.

We provide you with:

  • Energized service
  • Powerful experience
  • Prompt turnaround
  • High-tech efficiency
  • Innovative planning

Our attorneys have hundreds of years of IP and legal services experience (our six most senior attorneys have a combined 200+ years of legal experience). Our approach sheds new light on the big picture of IP legal strategy and planning.

We work closely with clients, providing them with the tools to profit from the development of a unified patent portfolio or the strategic assembly of a family of trademarks that can grow with their business.

In the end, we advise clients on the best way to position their intellectual property with respect to competitors for the present and future. We ensure a smooth workflow, strong work ethic, communication, and timely work that is confirmed by satisfied reviews from our clients.