Patterson Intellectual Property Law



Patterson Intellectual Property Law boasts the best and the brightest because intellectual property law requires considerable intellect. Our shareholders and patent attorneys hold technical degrees, often with work experience prior to their legal education, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, biomedical engineering, chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, civil engineering, physics, chemical engineering, or biology. We pride ourselves as being the IP leader when it comes to technical training and breadth of knowledge.

  • We foster a low turnover environment that encourages career longevity
  • We provide our associates with rigorous training through our Patent Prosecution Training Program
  • Work with attorneys who have hundreds of years combined IP experience (our six most senior attorneys have a combined 200+ years of legal experience)
  • Work with a client-focused IP law firm that doesn’t overstaff, but looks to create strategically planned and implemented projects that are not passed around from attorney to attorney

If you think you’d be right for us and want to work with a high-tech IP law firm, email your cover letter and resume to