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Firm Update


Recently Issued Patents – October 3, 2017

Patterson IP Law is pleased to announce the following recently issued patents obtained for our clients:

U.S. Design Patent No. D798,673 entitled “Liquid Container Adapter“ issued October 3, 2017 to Kit Consulting, LLC of Fairview, Tennessee

European Patent No. 2,210,159 entitled “System for Controlling and Monitoring an Array of Point-of-Load Regulators and Auxiliary Devices” issued September 27, 2017 to Bel Power Solutions Inc. of San Jose, California

U.S. Patent No. 9,771,246 entitled “Winch Apparatus and Method of Use Thereof“ issued September 26, 2017 to Zanto Tools of Franklin, Tennessee

U.S. Patent No. 9,774,019 entitled “Rechargeable Battery Unit for a Watercraft“ issued September 26, 2017 to CAYAGO GmbH of Kitbuhel, Austria