Patterson Intellectual Property Law



Strategic intellectual property counseling is a valuable asset when it comes to protecting ideas and inventions. Patterson Intellectual Property Law values clients’ IP and works to develop a strategy that protects ideas from creation through the long term.


Opinions help clients determine how and whether to move forward with their ideas. Patterson Intellectual Property Law counsels clients on how to leverage their IP protection to make the most of their IP portfolio.

Patent Opinions

  • Experience in investigating and drafting opinion letters concerning Freedom to Operate, patentability and validity/invalidity
  • Working with local country attorneys, opinions prepared with respect to Freedom to Operate and invalidity in Europe, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and India
  • Opinions prepared using in-house preliminary patent searches, outside patent search agencies, and local, country and worldwide patent searches to uncover relevant patents and publications

Trademark Opinions

  • Registration opinions for trademark word marks performed within 48 hours of request, using in-house search capabilities
  • Over 2,000 searches/opinions rendered
  • Opinions concerning likelihood of confusion performed

IP Strategy

Developing a complex analysis and strategy for clients’ original, unique ideas is an essential part of an intellectual property process.

Patterson Intellectual Property Law serves to deliver an integrated strategy that includes:

  • Advising clients that have a global presence and international patent portfolio
  • Working to provide the most efficient and effective protection in key markets
  • Understanding value of patents, trade secrets, utility models and other forms of IP, and assisting clients in navigating through the different forms of IP to achieve optimal protection
  • Understanding client technology and goals to provide the best strategic and tactical advice

IP strategy services also include:

  • Development of an IP protection program
  • IP audit services
  • Invention disclosure programs
  • Freedom to Operate opinions
  • Patent and trademark monitoring services

Due Diligence

Patterson Intellectual Property Law conducts a full investigation and examination of clients’ assets. We determine the validity of ownership, and the value and quality of the assets. Investigation and examination is typically undergone before transfer of rights or assets.

Our attorneys are experienced in the following:

  • Conducting due diligence investigations of entities involved in financing and/or mergers and acquisitions
  • Drill down investigations, which look at more than just the numbers of patents granted or applied for, but the strength and value of each

IP Audit

Patterson Intellectual Property Law can negotiate an extensive intellectual property inventory to capture and analyze information so informed IP decisions can be made for clients’ interests. IP audits can uncover and affirm the value of a client’s assets.

Our experience includes:

  • Conducting of audits of IP estates for valuation and strategic purposes
  • Helping determine proper allocation of resources to maximize protection
  • Identifying “weak” points
  • Reviewing of trade secret protection processes and strategies