Patterson Intellectual Property Law



No matter where you are in the world, your original and unique ideas need protection. Patterson Intellectual Property Law helps ensure the right steps are taken to create an ongoing global strategy for clients for patent protection, trademark protection, and intellectual property enforcement and defense.

Patent Protection

Patterson Intellectual Property Law works to help ensure clients’ ideas are protected internationally. We have extensive experience in assisting with patents worldwide.

Involvement includes:

  • Extensive experience preparing and filing Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications
  • Hundreds of patent applications filed internationally each year
  • Filed applications in the European Patent Office (EPO), Canada, Mexico, China, Russia, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Brunei and India, all within the last year
  • Experience in prosecution around the world, including local appeal processes
  • Supervised appeal hearings in Europe, Japan and Korea
  • Relationships with patent attorneys and agents in each country in which applications are filed

Trademark Protection

Trademarks distinguish the goods or services of one enterprise from other enterprises. Patterson Intellectual Property Law has a proven track record with helping clients successfully secure trademark protection internationally.

Work includes:

  • Extensive experience with international filing of trademark applications, including through the Madrid Protocol
  • Relationships with trademark professionals in countries around the world


When patent infringement occurs internationally, it’s up to the patent holder to prove infringement. Patterson Intellectual Property Law assists in all aspects of enforcing patents, trademarks, copyright and trade secret litigation to protect a client’s work. Patterson Intellectual Property Law also works with international organizations such as the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Patterson Intellectual Property Law has experience in:

  • Guiding IP litigation in Germany, France, Japan and Taiwan
  • Creating relationships with a network of law firms around the world to work with in resolving conflicts in virtually any country


Opposition procedures differ around the world.  Patterson Intellectual Property Law handles the process of oppositions and ensures proceedings are conducted to achieve the greatest possible benefits to clients.

Some experience in the opposition realm includes:

  • Experience in preparing and responding to oppositions and invalidity proceedings, including European Patent Office oppositions
  • Taken laboring oar in drafting briefs and providing responsive information
  • Attended and participated in opposition hearings