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Patents grant property rights on new and useful inventions, allowing the patent holder to prevent others from using, making, or selling that invention without permission for a limited time. U.S. patents are permitted by the U.S. Constitution and are designed to promote scientific progress and invention. By allowing inventors to profit from licensing or selling their patent rights, inventors can recoup their research and development costs and benefit financially from their inventing efforts. There are three main types of patents utility, plant, and design. Utility and plant patents can last up to 20 years, while design patents can last up to 14 years. When a patent expires, the patented material enters the public domain, making it free to use by anyone without a license. U.S. patents are issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

U.S. Patent No. 11,230,344 entitled “Electric drive motorcycle” issued January 25, 2022 to Piaggio & C. S.P.A. of Pontedera, Italy. Invented by Luca Carmignani, Alessio Sisi, and Emiliano Guidi also of Pontedera, Italy. Abstract: In an electric traction motorcycle (100) the ignition of the motor and the related vehicle start his avoided if the electric supply accessories are not correctly in place, and to this purpose the motorcycle comprises: a front portion comprising one or more front wheels (103) and a handlebar (104); a rear portion comprising a saddle (101), a shell body (107) arranged below said saddle (101), and a rear wheel (105) arranged below said shell body (105); an intermediate portion (108) extending as a connection between said front portion and said rear portion; an electric drive unit (8) connected to said rear wheel (105); a power supply unit supplying said electric drive unit (8); and a helmet carrying compartment (11), placed inside the shell body (107) below the saddle (101), which is accessible by shifting said saddle (101) in an open position, wherein the shifting of the saddle (101) in an open position uncovers a service surface (150) therebelow a power lead cable compartment (56) is arranged which includes a power lead cable (54) which, when it is in retracted configuration, allows the complete closure of the saddle (101) and it is wholly included in its compartment (56); said compartment (56) has a shape so as to adapt to the space available at a rear wall of the helmet carrying compartment (11) and of the rear wall of the shell body (107), the power lead cable (54) having a connecting socket (57) and a respective seat (59) wherein it is placed in a resting position, and wherein, in such seat (59) a sensor is provided which detects the positioning of the connecting socket (57) and which provides, to a control unit of the motorcycle (100), a signal allowing to start the motorcycle (100).