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Patents grant property rights on new and useful inventions, allowing the patent holder to prevent others from using, making, or selling that invention without permission for a limited time. U.S. patents are permitted by the U.S. Constitution and are designed to promote scientific progress and invention. By allowing inventors to profit from licensing or selling their patent rights, inventors can recoup their research and development costs and benefit financially from their inventing efforts. There are three main types of patents utility, plant, and design. Utility and plant patents can last up to 20 years, while design patents can last up to 15 years. When a patent expires, the patented material enters the public domain, making it free to use by anyone without a license. U.S. patents are issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

U.S. Patent No. 11,598,136 entitled “Furniture Hinge with Damping Adjustment” issued March 7, 2023 to Samet Kalip Ve Maden Esya San. Ve Tic. A.S. of Istanbul, Turkey. Invented by Nurettin Güzeltepe of Istanbul, Turkey and Artur Hirtsiefer Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, Germany. Abstract: The present invention relates to a furniture hinge that is suited for changing damping course of the furniture door in the closing direction. The inventive furniture hinge comprises; a housing; a hinge arm that is connected to the furniture door from the one end and connected to said housing in an axially rotatable manner from the other end by means of a first rotating pin; a power unit having at least one spring that creates force on said hinge arm, and that is connected between a lever arm that is capable of accommodating a power adjustment thereon and a third rotating pin in an axially rotatable manner; a movement arm that is connected to said hinge arm from one end in an axially rotatable manner, that is connected to said lever arm from the other end in an axially rotatable manner, and that enables the power transmission between said power unit and hinge arm; a damping element located on said lever arm for damping the furniture door that is being closed over the furniture body; and a damping adjustment on said lever arm for the purpose of changing the position of a cylinder belonging to the damping element with respect to the lever arm.

U.S. Patent No. 11,597,236 entitled “Air Barrier Material Application Systems and Methods” issued March 7, 2023 to Bridgestone Americas Tire Operation, LLC of Nashville, Tennessee. Invented by Joseph D. Deering of Hendersonville, Tennessee. Abstract: A method of applying an air barrier material to an inner surface of a tire includes steps of: (a) performing a post-cure inflation of the tire; (b) placing the tire onto a dump gate platform after finishing the post-cure inflation of the tire; and (c) spraying the air barrier material onto the inner surface of the tire while the tire is on the dump gate platform.