Recently Issued Patents ————————————————June 11, 2021


Patent Protection & Registration

Patents grant property rights on new and useful inventions, allowing the patent holder to prevent others from using, making, or selling that invention without permission for a limited time. U.S. patents are permitted by the U.S. Constitution and are designed to promote scientific progress and invention. By allowing inventors to profit from licensing or selling their patent rights, inventors can recoup their research and development costs and benefit financially from their inventing efforts. There are three main types of patents utility, plant, and design. Utility and plant patents can last up to 20 years, while design patents can last up to 14 years. When a patent expires, the patented material enters the public domain, making it free to use by anyone without a license. U.S. patents are issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Patterson Intellectual Property Law is pleased to announce the following recently issued patents obtained for our clients:

U.S. Patent No. 11,029,704 entitled “Self-propelled Construction Machine and Method for Controlling a Self-Propelled Construction Machine” issued June 8, 2021 to Wirtgen GmbH of Windhagen, Germany. Invented by Matthias Fritz of Hennef, Germany, Stefan Wagner of Bad Honnef, Germany, and Cyrus Barimani of Konigswinter, Germany. Abstract: A construction machine system comprises a self-propelled construction machine and a total station. The construction machine possesses a machine frame, a drive means, and a working means for altering the terrain. A position-determination means determines the position of a reference point on the machine in a first coordinate system independent of the machine. The position-determination means receives satellite signals from a global navigation satellite system (GNSS), wherein in normal operation the machine is controlled using the GNSS such that a reference point on the machine moves along a set target travel path. In a total station control mode, the machine is controlled without the GNSS and only using the total station based on a position of the standpoint and orientation of the total station ascertained in the GNSS control mode, and the position-determination of the construction machine occurs in a second coordinate system based on the total station.

U.S. Patent No. 11,029,180 entitled “Fluid Metering Component and Spraying Apparatuses Thereof” issued June 8, 2021 to Corey Craig of Alburn, Alabama. Also invented by Corey Craig. Abstract: A fluid metering device including a housing, an isolated fluid conduit, a metering assembly, an electronics assembly, and a power assembly. An electronic device can be wirelessly connected to the metering device so as to quantify the fluid that is passing through the isolated fluid conduit. Portable spraying apparatuses are also disclosed and can include the fluid metering device. In example embodiments, other data can be captured and/or calculated such as location of spray, type of fluid sprayed, images of the intended-to-be-sprayed subject, and/or other information pertinent as desired. In some example embodiments, the electronic device D in combination with the fluid metering device can predict the chances of volatilization of the fluid based on specific environmental conditions and the fluid temperature.