Recently Issued Trademarks


Trademark Protection & Registration

Securing and enforcing trademarks can improve a business’ market share, promote brand recognition, generate licensing income, and boost goodwill. Additionally, properly registering your trademarks can substantially protect your business as well as your customers from competitors, knock-offs, counterfeiters, and other bad actors.

Patterson is committed to helping our clients identify and protect their core trademarks. Whether your business is launching its first product or manages a global product portfolio with associated trademarks and service marks, our firm can help you tailor and enforce a trademark protection strategy to protect your business locally and worldwide.

U.S. Trademarks for Feb.:

U.S. Registration No. 6,991,860 for “FIELDCRAFT” registered February 28, 2023 to Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc. of Christiana, Tennessee.

U.S. Registration No. 6,984,746 for “ALICE IN IVORY” registered February 28, 2023 to Alice In Ivory of Chicago, Illinois.