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Trademark Protection & Registration

Securing and enforcing trademarks can improve a business’ market share, promote brand recognition, generate licensing income, and boost goodwill. Additionally, properly registering your trademarks can substantially protect your business as well as your customers from competitors, knock-offs, counterfeiters, and other bad actors.

Patterson is committed to helping our clients identify and protect their core trademarks. Whether your business is launching its first product or manages a global product portfolio with associated trademarks and service marks, our firm can help you tailor and enforce a trademark protection strategy to protect your business locally and worldwide.

Our trademark services include:

  • Enforceable branding assistance
  • Trademark auditing and due diligence
  • Trademark searches and clearances
  • State trademark registration prosecution
  • Federal trademark registration prosecution
  • Trademark maintenance

Trademarks: More Info


Trademarks are words, phrases, symbols, designs, colors, sounds, and even smells that consumers use to identify the source of certain products and services.


These marks distinguish the trademark user’s products and services of those of their competitors.


After a trademark is registered, the trademark owner must protect the mark through proper use and enforcement, including stopping others from using the same or confusingly similar trademarks. Federal trademark registrations last for ten years but, unlike patents, they may be renewed as long as the business is using the trademark.

Consumer Protection

Trademarks are a consumer protection device and may be limited based on how the trademark is used and whether consumers believe the trademark denotes a product’s source. However, while trademark rights are acquired through use, trademarks can be registered with states and the federal government. Federal registration of trademarks provides many benefits to trademark holders including a presumption of validity and nationwide priority. U.S. trademark registration certificates are issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.