Recently Issued Trademarks —————————————————July 2, 2021


Trademark Protection & Registration

Securing and enforcing trademarks can improve a business’ market share, promote brand recognition, generate licensing income, and boost goodwill. Additionally, properly registering your trademarks can substantially protect your business as well as your customers from competitors, knock-offs, counterfeiters, and other bad actors.

Patterson is committed to helping our clients identify and protect their core trademarks. Whether your business is launching its first product or manages a global product portfolio with associated trademarks and service marks, our firm can help you tailor and enforce a trademark protection strategy to protect your business locally and worldwide.

Patterson Intellectual Property Law is pleased to announce the following recently issued trademark registrations obtained for our clients:

U.S. Trademark Registration No. 6,397,058 for “100% TOTAL UTILIZATION E3” (and Design) registered June 22, 2021 to E3 Ranch, LLC of Fort Scott, Kansas 66701 CLASS 29: Beef; poultry; jerky FIRST USE 9-15-2018; IN COMMERCE 9-15-2018 CLASS 31: Dog food and dog treats FIRST USE 9-15-2018; IN COMMERCE 9-15-2018 The mark consists of a circle with a jagged broken outline, and within the outline the words “100% TOTAL” and “UTILIZATION” appear on the top and upside down on the bottom, and in the center appears a solid outline of a cow containing the term “E3”, and arrowheads appear above and below the cow. SER. NO. 88-248,773, FILED 01-03-2019

U.S. Trademark Registration No. 6,383,503 for “RECHARGE” registered June 15, 2021 to Blacklidge IP, LLC of Gulfport, Mississippi 39503 CLASS 19: Asphalt paving compositions FIRST USE 4-1-2020; IN COMMERCE 4-1-2020 THE MARK CONSISTS OF STANDARD CHARACTERS WITHOUT CLAIM TO ANY PARTICULAR FONT STYLE, SIZE OR COLOR SER. NO. 88-799,721, FILED 02-17-2020

U.S. Trademark Registration No. 6,382,529 for “PAYLAWFIRM” registered June 08, 2021 to TruCase, LLC of Nashville, Tennessee 37204 CLASS 42: Providing an internet website portal in the field of financial transaction and payment processing services for litigants to offer and provide financial settlements FIRST USE 2-19-2018; IN COMMERCE 2-19-2018 THE MARK CONSISTS OF STANDARD CHARACTERS WITHOUT CLAIM TO ANY PARTICULAR FONT STYLE, SIZE OR COLOR SER. NO. 90-080,052, FILED P.R. 07-29-2020; AM. S.R. 04-01-2021

U.S. Trademark Registration No. 6,367,033 for “SEABOB BEACH” (and Design) registered June 01, 2021 to Cayago Tec GmbH of Bad Salzuflen, Germany CLASS 7: Motors, drives for motors, and engines, other than for land vehicles; machine coupling and transmission components except for land vehicles CLASS 9: Nautical and optical apparatus and instruments, namely, diving goggles, sunglasses; electronic remote controls for controlling underwater diver propulsion vehicles; storage batteries; chargers for electric batteries; charging stations for electric vehicles; commutation, namely, headsets for use with underwater diver propulsion vehicles CLASS 12: Motorized water sports apparatus, namely, underwater diver propulsion vehicles for means of transport on and under water; boats; component parts and fittings for water vehicles, in particular, load weights specifically for use with underwater diver propulsion vehicles; wall and floor holders, in particular, storage racks specifically adapted for underwater diver propulsion vehicles; control devices for boats, namely, steering wheels for underwater diver propulsion vehicles; transport devices, namely, automotive trailers; handling carts CLASS 18: Leather and imitation leather; luggage; carrying cases; all-purpose carrying bags; saddlery CLASS 25: Clothing, namely, wetsuits, shirts, t-shirts, bathing trunks, trunks, trousers, sweatshirts; footwear; headwear The mark consists of three wavy lines above the stylized wording “SEABOB BEACH”. PRIORITY DATE OF 01-15-2020 IS CLAIMED OWNER OF INTERNATIONAL REGISTRATION 1555080 DATED 07-15-2020, EXPIRES 07-15-2030 No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the following apart from the mark as shown: “BEACH” SER. NO. 79-295,763, FILED 07-15-2020