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Driving Future Technological Innovations

The automotive industry has seen unprecedented technological advancements in recent years, providing drivers and pedestrians with welcome improvements in performance, safety, and comfort. Automotive manufacturers and related businesses have an array of options for protecting their valuable innovations and inventions. Patterson has substantial experience working with automotive industry leaders. Our attorneys’ experience and technical expertise can help you find, craft, and enforce comprehensive and effective intellectual property plans for your automotive products and services.

Automotive Patents

Vehicles, automotive components and industry-adjacent products and services provide unique opportunities for patent protection. Patterson has filed and prosecuted numerous patents in the automotive field for technologies including power trains, chassis, suspension, steering, autonomous driving systems, tire construction, wheel balancing, automotive retail systems, and more.

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Trade Secrets

Trade secret litigation is a new battleground for the automotive industry. With the implementation of new and improved vehicle sensors, automotive companies are able to analyze critical operator and performance data to improve products and driving experience. Patterson can help you identify your valuable trade secrets, protect them from theft or misuse, and enforce your rights under state and federal law.

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Licensing and Transfer

Automotive technologies are built and used across all levels of the automotive supply chain. Our firm can assist you with appropriate intellectual property licensing and transfer issues, including international manufacturing, trademark licensing, NDAs, EULAs, inventorship and transfer agreements, and more.

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