Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Supporting the Oil & Gas Industry

Oil and gas exploration, production and processing has developed to include a diverse mix of technologies. That mix continues to broaden, as the industry searches to find and develop deposits in ever more remote and inhospitable locations and seeks to produce and process oil and gas more efficiently and in safer, more environmentally sustainable ways.

In a highly competitive, capital intensive industry with narrowing margins, staying ahead of competitors is key. Developing and protecting new technologies unique to your products can distinguish you over your competition and can be critical to securing survival and success.

Our Experience

Our team includes attorneys with technical backgrounds — from mechanical engineering to chemical engineering to petroleum engineering, as well as working experience in the industry. Their oilfield technical and legal experience covers the majors to the independents, large service companies to startup downhole tool manufacturers, mechanical design to petroleum processing.

Patent Protection

Patent protection is an effective way of protecting technologies you develop, whether completely new concepts or incremental improvements of existing designs and methods. Patterson IP Law has experience designing and prosecuting patent portfolios specific to the oil and gas industry. We can help you evaluate your new concepts as well as continuing product research and development efforts not only to identify innovations or capture the advances that are ready for patenting, but also to identify opportunities and help guide the direction of future work where your competitors are absent.

Trade Secret Protection

Trade secret protection can help you secure the innovations and best practices in your manufacturing processes, supply chain, and operational components that give you an edge over your competitors. In many instances in the oil and gas industry, trade secrets can prove extremely valuable. Changes in federal law have only enhanced the value of trade secret protection. We can help conduct a trade secret audit and advise on enacting a trade secret plan that ensures your company is protected from theft or loss of valuable trade secrets.