Sporting Goods

Sporting Goods

Full-Body IP Protection

The sporting goods and athletic apparel market is set to grow by $23 billion in the next five years. The extreme competition in the industry has heightened the importance of differentiating brands and products with patent and trademark protection.

Patterson Intellectual Property Law has worked with top-of-market and growth-stage athletics goods and sporting goods companies for years, including one of the largest sporting goods companies in the country. We work with clients to build IP protection programs for every aspect of sporting goods products, from development to branding.

Trademark Protection

Trademarks can protect distinctive brands, product series, packaging, and systems. Patterson IP has helped several major product portfolios with a strong trademark regime. Our attorneys can assist you in developing a comprehensive and responsive trademark program to cover your sporting goods and athletic apparel.

Patentable Products

One of the ways growth-minded sporting goods companies will separate themselves from the competition is developing cutting-edge products and protecting them with a robust patent portfolio. Our attorneys have extensive experience in the athletic goods market, having represented several companies in the industry at different stages of their growth.

Functional & Ornamental Designs

In addition to the protections offered by patent and trademark registration, sporting goods and athletic apparel offer many opportunities for design patents and other alternative forms of sport brand intellectual property protection. We can help you determine the best way to protect everything from workout plans to instruction manuals, and all the other innovations that move the sporting goods industry forward.