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Creative Arts & Entertainment Law

Entertainment Lawyers for Protecting Creativity and Design

Patterson’s Entertainment Attorneys provide full-service intellectual property protection for authors, artists, and creative entrepreneurs across the full range of creatives arts industries. Our lawyers work with entertainers, producers, developers, design firms, creative and marketing agencies, artists, influencers, and other content creators to establish strong intellectual property rights and protect the integrity of creative works. Whether you are producing a children’s series, authoring a new book, or licensing a theatrical production, our Entertainment Lawyer can help you determine your IP interests and develop the best strategies for making sure your interests are protected.

Copyright Protection

Our Art and Entertainment Attorneys understand many creative agencies and individuals have incorrect and potentially problematic assumptions about copyright protection: for example, the belief that mailing yourself a sealed copy of your work confers the same copyright protections as federal registration. Our entertainment attorneys can help explain copyright procedures in clear terms and plan a registration and protection strategy most suited for your needs. Entertainment attorneys provide copyright protection services for literary works; pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works; performing arts, motion picture, and other audiovisual works; sound recordings; mask works. Text, computer code, photography, artwork, sounds, sculpture, music, cinematography, choreography, etc.

Creative Arts Copyright Protection - Patterson Intellectual Property Law

IP Enforcement and Defense

Patterson’s litigation and entertainment lawyers are uniquely experienced in intellectual property litigation enforcement and defense. We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in federal lawsuits alleging infringement, as well as issuing and responding to misappropriation claims, cease-and-desist letters, Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notices, and other Content ID and rights management matters. Our Art and Entertainment Attorneys can help you analyze, negotiate, litigate, and defend intellectual property claims and defenses, including copyright infringement and fair use.

Creative Arts IP Enforcement And Defense - Patterson Intellectual Property Law

Trademarks and Branding

Creative businesses and entrepreneurs who protect their trademarks and branding have a major advantage over those who don’t. Creative marketing and advertising don’t just provide an outlet for creative expression; they engage and inspire consumers in association with your personal or business brand. An Entertainment Lawyer can help you maximize your trademark and brand protection and help you define and protect your style.

Trademarks And Branding - Patterson Intellectual Property Law

Art and Entertainment Rights & Management

Patterson’s Art and Entertainment Lawyers understands how ownership of intellectual property rights can be very complicated, involving a web of licensing and assignment issues. Artists, employers, employees, and contractors are often surprised to learn they do don’t have the rights they thought they had. Patterson’s entertainment lawyer will advise clients on various rights management issues including moral rights, visual artist rights, DRM, licensing, fair use, works-for-hire, and more.

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