Consumer Products

Better Inventions, Better Products

Consumer products present unique challenges for intellectual property protection. From design and manufacturing concerns, to branding and marketing, to functionality limitations, and even liability and indemnity issues, businesses involved in the consumer product life cycle must manage a complex array of IP concerns. Patterson IP can help you navigate intellectual property protection for your consumer products and ensure the best protections for your business needs.

Patterson IP partners with clients to determine what makes a consumer product successful and to capture and safeguard the value of their IP and brands through patent, trademark, copyright, trade dress, and trade secret protection and litigation. Our attorneys also advise clients on unfair competition and other business-related issues. We help companies maintain their competitive edge and continue to introduce new ideas and new technologies.

We have experience representing consumer products companies in multiple industries, including:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Apparel
  • Automotive
  • Consumer electronics and computer software
  • Cosmetics
  • Food and beverage
  • Gift products
  • Health products
  • Interactive entertainment
  • Retail services
  • Sports and hunting equipment

Our legal services for consumer products businesses include:

Trademark And Trade Dress Protection

We provide trademark services for all manners of consumer products and can advise on trade dress protections. We help protect our clients’ brands and their customers through comprehensive trademark protection for product names, logos, packaging, distinctive coloring and design, and more.

Design And Utility Patents

New and inventive consumer products and distinctively ornamental product designs can be good candidates for patent protection. Patterson IP can help you identify key patentable aspects of your product and help you license and enforce your patents worldwide.

Licensing And OEM Agreements

Patterson IP attorneys help ensure proper use of your intellectual property through a product’s development and distribution life cycles. Our attorneys can help draft, analyze, negotiate, and manage effective and enforceable IP licenses and commercialization agreements, such as when manufacturing overseas or incorporating FRAND licenses.

IP Insurance

Many corporate insurers offer intellectual property policies offering peace of mind against unexpected IP litigation. These policies can be exceptionally important in highly litigious consumer products sectors such as consumer electronics. Patterson IP can help you review your IP insurance policy’s applicability, necessity, and scope of coverage with respect to your products.