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Supporting Fashion, Art, and Artist

Fashion is more than a business; fashion is art. Through color, texture, line, and silhouette, designers have inspired civilization with their unique and expressive styles. From Chanel’s “little black dress” to Seattle sound/grunge plaid shirts and ripped jeans, iconic fashions have framed history. The fashion industry generates more than $300 billion in the United States alone.

Despite this, designers often find it difficult to develop sustainable financial returns on their creative endeavors. While sites like Etsy, Zazzle, and Shopify have made it easier than ever for startup fashion artists to market their designs, they have also made it easier for copyright infringers to find and copy original work.

Protecting fashion from copying is difficult, but Patterson can help. We can leverage every intellectual property protection available to help you protect your designs — from halter-top to bell-bottom.

 Find the Best Fit

Whether jewelry, clothing, pattern, color arrangement, or accessory, we can advise on intellectual property protections are available for your designs and what options are best for you.

fashion intellectual property protections - Patterson Intellectual Property Law

Trade Dress Protection

Trade dress protects visual characteristics of a product, like the trademark Louboutin red sole. We can advise on how to protect not only your product design but also your distinct product packaging, such as tags, boxes, bags, and wrapping.

Trade Dress Protection - Patterson Intellectual Property Law

Notice and Takedown Procedures

Intellectual property laws provide powerful tools for removing and blocking infringing content online. Whether you are sending or have received a takedown notice, we can help resolve disputes and help prevent future issues from occurring.

Intellectual Property Notice And Takedown Procedures - Patterson Intellectual Property Law

Copyright Protection

Art transcends function, and artistic expression is often copyrightable. Protect your original prints, patterns, color arrangements, and artistic designs that go beyond the fabric and cut.

Copyright Protection Prints Patterns & Colors - Patterson Intellectual Property Law

Design Patent Protection

Design patents can protect distinctive designs and unique ornamentation, often providing protections for materials not subject to copyright. We can help you protect your design accessories such as handbags, clutches, shoes, hats, and jewelry.

design patent protection - Patterson Intellectual Property Law