Cannabis IP Protections

New industries, such as the cannabis industry, are fraught with uncertain legal and regulatory landscapes. These uncertain and everchanging environments present many new and unique challenges when it comes to intellectual property protection. Our attorneys have experience prosecuting patents and trademarks for cannabis-related inventions in both the marijuana industry and hemp industry. Patterson IP stands ready and able to provide comprehensive and up to date legal advice regarding protection pathways best suited for your cannabis business.

Trademark Protection

Trademarks can protect distinctive names, logos, packaging, container shapes, colors, and even sounds and smell. Our attorneys stay up to date regarding changes to what the Patent and Trademark Office deems as registerable subject matter. Patterson IP has helped many clients protect their brands and their customers through the implementation of comprehensive trademark protections.

Design & Utility Patents

New and inventive consumer products, formulations, extraction methods, and distinctively ornamental product designs can be good candidates for cannabis patent protection. Patterson IP can help you identify key patentable aspects of your product and help you license and enforce your cannabis patents worldwide.

Plant Protections

A plant’s new and unique characteristics can be protected using plant patents, plant variety protection certificates, and even utility patents. Each of these protection types provides a different scope of protection, has distinct requirements, and has unique enforcement pathways, all of which can affect the best protection strategy for a given business. Whether you are utilizing traditional breeding methods or genetic modification to breed for seeds, clones, or both, we can help you identify which of these protection pathways is best suited for your cannabis business.

Legal & Regulatory Environment

We pride ourselves on providing the most up to date and legal advice in this rapidly changing and evolving industry. We continually tailor our advice and strategies based on those changes. We believe in pursuing protection strategies today that will anticipate, survive, and best position our clients when those changes take place.