Supporting Innovation In Chemical Discoveries

Chemical formulations and processes provide foundations for products that are utilized in a wide range of industries. Advancements in the chemical formulations of goods, materials, fuels, foods, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics can place a business at the top of its industry. Our clients have created innovative breakthroughs in polymer chemistry, materials science, lubricants, adhesives, alternative fuels, pharmaceuticals, asphalt chemistry, nanotechnology, petroleum products and processes, colors and dyes, agricultural products, and cosmetics. The chemical industry plays a role in developing raw materials and processes used in manufacturing the latest high-tech products we use every day. Our experience and backgrounds help us to understand our client’s compositions and products so that we can develop strategies to protect and leverage intellectual property assets.

Patterson IP’s technical and legal expertise in the chemical arts and industrial applications allows us to recognize the value of protecting IP throughout the various industry landscapes. Our clients range from established multinational corporations to early-stage companies to individual inventors. No matter their size, we provide tailored support services, including IP protection, strategic, transactional, and enforcement services. Our team includes attorneys with degrees in chemistry and biology—including doctorates in cancer biology and neuroscience—which allows us to provide our clients with the right combination of expertise for their needs.

Patent Protection

Chemistry and chemical compositions can cover a wide variety of inventions, including processes, materials, chemical compositions, or a method of use or manufacturing. Patterson IP’s understanding of IP law coupled with our attorney’s scientific backgrounds gives us the needed experience and knowledge to help advise you on your best options for seeking patent protection now and in the future.

Our experience allows our clients to protect their inventions in areas such as chemical engineering, nanotechnology, graphene technology, material science, organic chemistry, pharmaceuticals, coating technology, food and agricultural products, and environmental technology. The intellectual property services we provide to our clients helps to establish their brand in the marketplace.

Our chemical patent services include worldwide prosecution support, patent drafting, and patent portfolio management. We can provide freedom to use, infringement, validity, and patentability opinions, as well as portfolio analysis for due diligence. We also regularly assist clients with trademark and copyright matters essential for brand protection.

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets and “know-how” provide the underpinnings for many of the latest innovations in the chemical industries. Proprietary information regarding the methods or processes in which an industrial material, medical composition, or therapeutic agent is produced may gain added protection from trade secret programs. Our position alongside the agricultural industry in Tennessee provides experience to help clients who have proprietary processes or compositions for producing better plant yields. Similarly, we provide counsel on trade secret programs for industrial manufacturers involving proprietary chemical processes that produce specialized products or materials.

Patterson IP advises clients on best practices and policies that comply with international, federal, and state mandates, and helps them manage and secure trade secret information, as well as maintain appropriate data security policies.

IP Enforcement & Defense

Patterson IP has extensive experience in federal courts across the nation, as well as the International Trade Commission (ITC) and post-grant proceedings at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We leverage our varied technical expertise to assist our clients in both asserting their IP, whether patents, trade secrets, trademarks, or copyrights, and in defending against suits that may threaten their businesses.

Licensing & Transfer

In some circumstances, licensing of technology to third parties can be the sole source of revenue for a business in the chemical industries. In others, it may be but a small part of their overall business strategy. Patterson IP’s licensing practitioners routinely handle various types of intellectual property licensing and technology agreements for organizations ranging from start-ups, to higher education institutions, to multinational corporations. Our attorneys have come from in-house positions and participated in business mentoring and incubator programs, providing a unique understanding of what clients need to protect and commercialize their valuable IP.