Electrical & Computer Technology

Electrical & Computer Technology

IP Protection for Electrical and Computer Technology

The modern realities of both business and personal interaction provide a firm base for both existing and emerging electronics, controls, and numerous other computer-implemented technologies. However, new technologies are continually being introduced, and product lifecycles can be short. Whether patents, copyrights, or trade secrecy is your goal, we can provide the guidance, strategy, and implementation to help foster, protect, and capitalize upon your innovations.

Tech Experience

Our clients range from established multinational corporations to early-stage companies and individual inventors, including software developers. With attorneys having degrees in electrical engineering and real-world work experience in electronics, computer science, and control systems, we can provide our clients with the right combination of expertise for their needs.

Electrical Tech Expertise

Our firm has real-world expertise in preparing and prosecuting patent applications in multiple areas of electrical engineering including, for example: home and business environmental control (heating, cooling and lighting); security systems; smart appliances and IoT devices; communications; entertainment; manufacturing equipment; physical fitness equipment; power generation and distribution; renewable energy systems; and transportation.

Emerging Tech Protection

Protection of information technology innovations are also a service of Patterson IP Intellectual Property Law. From medical diagnostics to control systems, mobile phone applications, payment technologies, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and other computer-implemented inventions, we have handled and can handle a wide variety of new and emerging technologies.