Supporting Innovation in the Firearm Industry

The firearm industry continues to flourish as citizens are purchasing an increasing number of firearms and tactical gear while the military’s demands drive further growth. As companies introduce each new firearms, the market becomes more competitive with consumers’ expectations continually increasing. Competitive shooting sports such as IDPA, USPSA, and 3-Gun as well as the more traditional shooting sports all push innovation as shooters look for the next best technology to improve their experience.

Our Experience

Our clients range from firearm manufacturers to retail stores, tactical equipment providers, and training companies. From the largest manufacturer to the solo gunsmith, we provide tailored support services, whether it be patent protection, brand protection, or international rights management. Not only do our patent lawyers for firearms have the requisite engineering experience to assist our firearm and tactical goods clients with their needs, we also have significant experience with competitive shooting, hunting, and firearm design. We know this industry and help our clients to develop strategies to best enable them to protect their intellectual property while competing in the marketplace.

Patent Protection

Patent protection is an effective way of protecting technologies you develop, whether completely new concepts or incremental improvements of existing designs and methods. Patterson IP Law has experience designing and prosecuting patent portfolios specific to the firearm industry, including both design and utility patents. We can help you evaluate your new concepts as well as continuing product research and development efforts not only to identify innovations or capture the advances that are ready for patenting, but also to identify opportunities and help guide the direction of future work where your competitors are absent.

Trademark & Trade Dress Protection

We provide trademark services for firearms and tactical gear and can advise on trade dress protection. We help protect our clients’ brands and their customers through comprehensive trademark protection for product names, logos, packaging, distinctive design, and more.