Building a Better Future

Construction may be a mature industry, but it continues to develop new tools, building techniques, and materials to improve efficiency, design flexibility, safety, and environmental sustainability. New additives have helped to improve construction speed and usability of concrete, as have new tools to assist workers to assemble and place concrete reinforcements. Drones with advanced control and sensing features help contractors inspect and measure remote projects and inventory safely and accurately. New anchoring and shelving systems simplify the construction process making previously expensive and difficult tasks quick, easy, and reliable.

Patterson IP can help you protect your ideas, your business, and your customers in the construction industry. Our attorneys, many of whom have experience in the construction industry and civil and mechanical engineering, will help you develop comprehensive intellectual property protection for your ideas, invention, and brand.

Utility Patents

New and useful inventions, including machines, articles of manufacture, and compositions of new matter can be protected under U.S. patent law. Whether you have developed a new construction method, building material formulation, power tool component, or renovation technique, we can help you evaluate your invention or capture advances that may be eligible for patent protection. Our attorneys can also enforce your patent rights and defend your markets as we have done for several clients in federal courts, the International Trade Commission, and before the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Architectural Copyrights

CAD files, designs, layouts, blueprints, and other aspects of the manufacturing process are often copyrightable. We can help you evaluate and protect your original prints, designs, plans, instruction manuals, and more through copyright registration and ensure appropriate protections through licensing and enforcement.

Trademark Protection

Trademarks are often overlooked in the construction industry, but they are an important tool for protecting both your business and your customers. Whether you are marketing to developers, contractors, or homeowners, trademarks help consumers identify and distinguish your products and services. Names, logos, product colors, and even building designs and commercial property layouts may be protectable via trademark registration. Patterson IP can help you develop and protect your brands across all relevant goods and services.

Collaborative Design Issues

Construction frequently requires collaborative design and development. While collaboration can help you capitalize on your team’s knowledge, co-authorship and co-inventorship can create thorny issues when it comes to intellectual property ownership. Our attorneys can help ensure fair and proper ownership through appropriate licensing and development agreements and solve ownership and use issues if they should arise.